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    Corporation Summary                                     
Killboard: Killboard Link

 - PVP corp based in Fade & Cloud Ring

 - Membership in a 0.0 Space-holding Alliance - Wildly Inappropriate.

 - Part of the Northern Coalition - One of Eve's biggest Power Blocs

 - Alliance & Corp Ship Replacement Program

 - Large area for ISK making when needed

 - EU/US Timezone

 - Large logistical network - easy access to Empire, and Alliance Jumpfreighter service

 - Access to the Northern Jump bridge network

 - Established 0.0 Markets - We have docking rights to all over the Northern Coalition

 - Daily PVP fleets in EU/US timezones

 - Experienced Capital & Supercapital fleet and support for Cap Pilots


What to Expect
When you join us, we'll help you move to where we are staging, and get you settled in. We are a no pressure group of guys. We are also a mature corp, with many people who have real life responsibilities. normally in the form of kids or the wife =S. So we won't force anyone to join a fleet, or wake up at 4am to save a tower. Someone else can do that, we just want to give good opportunities for our members to get involved in PvP. When we don't pvp, we just chill or go finding ways to make isk. In the Foreign Legion you are free to have your own time, and to participate when it suits you.

What kind of PVP do we do? Everything from capital ship fights to frigate gangs. HAC and battlecruiser fleets are frequent, so are battleship and stealth bomber fleets.
While we are a PVP corp, we don't force our members to pvp or join fleets. Everyone has real-life things to worry about - mandatory fleets are not something you will hear about from us. We expect people to be committed PVPers. Official fleets are scheduled daily.

We don't pay rent to anyone, we have dedicated space which we own for members to keep themselves afloat isk-wise. Our Ship Replacement Program allows you to pvp as much a you want at a minimum loss of isk to you. If you get popped on a fleet, you can simply submit you loss to a form and the alliance will contract you a new ship within days.

Aside from the serious spaceship business, we like to have a laugh. We often chill on comms, talking about random stuff, and just hanging around.

General Requirements

|| You must fill out an application and submit your Full API.

|| Experience living and fighting in 0.0 is important to us.

|| A proven track record is also important to us. We understand that Killboards are not completely accurate, but it does provide a good idea of a persons capability.

|| As a corp we all live in a certain area of 0.0 - living there with us is essential and required.

|| The Alliance minimum is 15mil sp. We can make exceptions if you can convince us that you know what you're doing.

|| A Microphone is necessary.

How to Apply
If you are interested please go to our forums, post an application and follow the instructions. Then join our public channel

Our Forums :

Our Public Channel : TFL-Public
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